In an old train station, Dalila—a 1970's Argentinian singer—sleeps on the tracks as she awaits her train while Salvattore—a 1940's Italian clown—restlessly seeks to continue on his journey.

A dreamy, absurd and hyperreal world which develops through a tragic story of real-estate extortion.

Artists need space to breathe, think and try. Our workshops are a place to hone your craft, take a risk and try something new.

Experience the secrets behind the scenes.

We can't do it alone. And we don't want to.
The audience is an important part of our creative process for inspiration and critical feedback.

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Fall 2014 Workshops/Classes

Unique and inspiring classes: Acting, Dance, Playwriting and Voice.

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Flor de Lirio

An exploration of the ironies we shape for ourselves through our passions.

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Balanza de los Instintos

Play about the psychological and social suffering caused by power.

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